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Where You Are (Between the Lines, #2) - Tammara Webber The book centers around four characters, Emma, Graham, Reid, and Brooke. Graham and Emma finally got together at the end of the last book, but now they have to do it long distance. Emma in California while Graham in New York. This is where insecurities set in and the need for trusting each other should kick in. Reid is still sour over the rejection from Emma while Brooke will do anything (this is where the scheming part of the book starts) to get Graham to herself.
I loved the moments of Graham and Emma, they had to skype a lot and their insecurities and jealousy over the cutest things were adorable. I especially loved Graham’s internal struggle with himself regarding his increased jealousy and over protectiveness of Emma. Since he was a kid, his sisters and mom would constantly remind him that a real man should not get jealous or proclaim ownership over his woman; that just makes him a man not worthy of her (they’re total feminists).
Now on to Reid and Brooke, they both want people they can’t have and that results in them teaming up (surprise!) and forming a plan to break up Graham and Emma. Nicole has no heart. There I said it. She is selfish and disregards anyone who wouldn’t be a help to her. I hoped that at some point I would see a glimpse of her heart but that never came. However Reid redeemed himself towards the end for me so I was left out with only one character to hate. She tried too hard and was too clingy, Graham was too oblivious to her.
So many misunderstandings occurred because of Nicole but every time Graham dealt with it head on and without any of the whole “it wasn’t meant to be, it shouldn’t be this difficult” crap some books come up with. Sometimes I would be yelling “Tell her! Explain now, don’t let her leave!” but I'm glad there were no screaming outbursts during my reading of this book.
The book was full of scheming, jealousy, insecurity, and holding on to the love that you have already found. If you haven’t read the first book then I advise you to read it immediately!