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The Vincent Boys (The Vincent Boys, #1) - Abbi Glines The Vincent Boys is a novel about a girl’s dilemma of being true to herself or keeping up the façade of the perfect girl to keep up with people’s expectations. When Sawyer, Ashton’s boyfriend, leaves for a while during the summer, Ashton can’t help herself but get closer to Beau, who is both Sawyer’s cousin and Ashton’s childhood best friend. The only problem is that desire gets in the way, and their get together aren’t as innocent as people think. I loved Beau’s character, he always stayed true to himself, never caring what the people in town thought about him, even though he’s labeled as the bad boy in town. It's just that people don’t know about his past. This book will shock you with revelations towards the end that’ll keep your mouth hanging open!

The only problem I had was with Ashton, even though she clearly has feelings for Beau, and feels like she can drop her 'perfect' disguise with him, she already made up her mind that what they have is ticking away and will end when Sawyer arrives. I didn’t appreciate how she kept holding on to that perfect image she built up for herself to please everyone, but I’m glad towards the end she finally makes decisions; decisions because of herself, and not because of the rest of the town.

This book is full of scandals, surprises, and screaming sessions; however I must point out that this is for older teens due to some explicit scenes in the book. The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines was a fun and breezy read. I did get one thing out of the book and it’s that you should always stay true to yourself, and whoever doesn’t accept that doesn’t deserve to be with you.