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Good For You (Between the Lines, #3) - Tammara Webber I am a huge fan of Tammara Webber's Between The Lines series, and they are honestly one of my favorite contemporary reads! The first and second books follow Emma and Graham's story, who are Reid's costars, however in this installment, it follows the story of Reid, post losing Emma to Graham and finally coming to terms with it. I had my doubts to be honest, I really wanted the third book to also be about Emma and Graham because they became a favorite of mine. Also this is more like a companion novel to the first two. You can read this without reading the first two, but if you're planning on reading them all, start with the first book, and trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Reid crashes his one week old porsche, so he lands himself community service to help rebuild the house he crashed into. Enters Dori, the humanitarian volunteer loving preacher's daughter. I loved the bickering and fluttered moments between those two. Dori wants nothing to do with Reid, at the beginning, and Reid takes this up as a challenge. I mean, he's never been rejected, he is the hottest male celebrity right now, think Justin Bieber or Joe Jonas our time. I loved how his character grows throughout the book. From the jerk he usually is, to actually starting to CARE about something, whether its Dori or just giving a crap about his actions and thinking of the consequences.

As for Dori, throughout the whole book she struggles with her growing attraction towards Reid, she was already set in labeling him as a womanizing Jerk, and usually confided those thoughts to her older sister. Oh and a head's up, but I cried reading this book; yes it's not just a fluffy read, it broke my heart and was very realistic, you don't always get everything you want in life right?

Reid was my least favorite character in this series, and what started off with me sneering at his "charm" and supposed wit, turned into actual likeness to his character, without him actually drastically changing from jerk to saint and me doubting the character change. Tammara webber knows how to write! When I read the first book, I loved it so much and had SUCH high expectations for the second one, usually I end up being disappointed, but Where You Are was as good! and I can say the same thing for the last book, Good For You.

Overall, I loved Good For You, it was a great contemporary read and I hope all you contemporary lovers give it a try! This has only been released in digital format so it's very easy to get your hands on it. Keep note of this author, because I can't wait for any new novel she releases! Also the author posted that she's planning on writing a fourth book in this series! This is surprising news to me so i'm really excited! Check out her website for more information.