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Pure Blood (Time Spirit Trilogy, #3) - Melissa Pearl Pure blood is the third and final book in the Time Spirit Trilogy. I read the first one two months ago, then picked up the second one and after finishing it I immediately picked up Pure Blood because I couldn't wait to find out how this Melissa Pearl will conclude this addicting trilogy! I can't lie, I really grew fond of Gemma, the protagonist, Harrison, and especially Gabe, it was sad to see that there will be no more books about them The ending was also a bit bittersweet, though it was a very satisfying ending! It is just a bit hard to get around the whole time traveling and changing the past, therefore the present and future, but I loved it!

Pure blood picks up where we left off in Black Blood and since my reviews are always spoil free, I won't be able to tell you where huh? Anyways the third book centers more on Harrison and Gemma's relationship and also gives us more backstory to some of the other characters, including Gemma's parents. We also get another 'love interest' for Gemma that was brought by her parents. That was the only aspect in the book that I did not enjoy that much, I just felt that Harrison's jealousy was a bit unnecessary. However I was all for him being protective. Gemma's parents? oh boy, did I want to strangle them, the word 'overprotective' is an understatement! Even though Gemma turns 18, they still control every aspect of her life and wow, were they suffocating! We also don't get much of Dom and Ruby which is sad but we do get a lot of Gabe and I totally love him. Gabe was like her guardian, the one that showed her the truth and taught her how to really protect herself.

Overall Pure was a great conclusion to this amazing trilogy, it was filled with gasp worthy moments and the ending is just fantastic! throughout the book I was wondering how in the world will Milessa Pearl be able to end this whole mess we had, but I loved it! It wasn't the cliched ending, and I always salute an author that takes the unconventional route with endings. Thank you Melissa for providing such great enjoyment with this trilogyy, and I really can't recommend it enough to all you readers!

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