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Venus City (Legacy of the Sares, #1) - Tabitha Vale Venus City by Tabitha Vale is the first Urban Fanatsy YA novel I read. The novel revolves around a girl called Braya. she is from a Crown family and her mother is very powerful. She lives in a city where males are void of emotions such as anger, lust, jealousy, and passion, and where beautiful women are groomed to marry and produce beautiful babies to enhance the pretty gene pool. Problems start when Braya is assigned the role of a bride which brings anger and frustration from her and shame to her Crown family name. She then gets tangled with a group that is infiltrating her city and is forced into a master-slave bond (nothing x-rated here!) and ends up having to follow orders from Asher, who never fails to remind her that she lives in a bubble, literally. Venus City has closed itself off using some magic power to stay far away from the war that has occupied the rest of the world.

What I didnt enjoy in the book is how WHINY and SPOILED and NAIVE Braya was. She kept on constantly complaining that she isn't fit to be a bride because she IS a crown and that she is better than all those Finches (think muggle status in harry potter) and that men are all beneath her because her mommy dearest has taught her that. When she gets the bride role her mother starts treating her like crap, kicking her out of the house, calling her a rotten apple and a shame to the family name. What frustrated me is that Baraya STILL gives her excuses! i mean no sane mother would say such things.

I have mentioned previously that I am a fan of dialogue in books. I really get sucked into the story when the book has a ton of dialogue or even internal conflicts, however in Venus City, there is a lot of descriptions and details. Descriptions of buildings, surroundings, people's clothes; I admit that I skipped many paragraphs like that because if I didn't I would have felt restless and that the story was progressing very slowly. However whatever dialogue that was in the book was entertaining, especially between her and Asher.

Overall Venus City kept me entertained and even though I had a few issues with it, overall it was a good read, especially towards the end when the action really starts. I must say, that this type of series is where the second book in it would be better because the protagonist has finally matured and developed so I will be checking out the second book as soon as I can