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That One Night - Sarah Billington That One Night is a 30 page New Adult Novella. New Adult is a relatively new genre that deals with protagonists that are 18 years old and above. It Makes us 18+ year olds feel a bit better about crushing on the main protagonists if they're at least of legal age! Because this novel is only 30 pages, you don't expect much plot wise. Annie, the protagonist, bumps into (literally) Skylar and spills a drink all over him on her way out. They find out they have a friend in common, Bree, and he walks her out. This story focuses on the dialogue between them and the Annie's feelings. Bree used to be her best friend but so much has changed. Spending time with a virtual stranger that you feel closer to than your best friend gets you thinking. Also Skylar was such a cutie! He was funny, charming, and a total gentleman. What's wrong then? well, you gotta read this Novella to know about that and its ending! It was a very cute novella and I wished it was turned into an actual novel because the premise of it was adorable! I love Sarah Billington's contemporary novels and I can't wait for more by her!