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Forbidden Territory - Melissa Pearl,  Brenda Howson Forbidden Territory was the kind of different contemporary I am always looking for. This book had a bit of everything, one sided crushes, best friend's older hot brother, a hiking trip geo-caching (seriously, I need to try this game!), and then the discovery of a dangerous place where they then end up being chased by men with guns which follows 48 hours of trying to stay alive and find their way back. This novel, to say the least, was exciting! First, I am a huge fan of contemporaries where the girl has a crush on a friend's older brother and they get together, especially if they've known each other for a while, because that is way too cute. Also, the second half of the book rocketed my adrenaline and I couldn't flip the pages fast enough! There are four characters in total, Mica and Lexy, who are best friends, Eli, who is Lexy's older brother, and finally Tom, a british exchange student that came all the way to New Zealand from Britian.

The book is told from two points of view and they are Mica and Lexy. In all honesty I preferred Mica's POV and story. I loved Eli to the extreme! he was protective, a hottie, and his smile melts my heart (yes I have imagined it once or twice where he graces me with one of these smiles). However for Lexy and Tom... I just couldn't stand Tom, and someone mentioned before that Tom was a bit of a wuss, and I had to agree. During the hunt, Lexy was doing all the thinking and trying to get out while he was "whats the point? we'll never leave, let me die peacefully". There was a HUGE contrast between Tom and Eli, I have officially moved from liking British guys to New Zealand-ish guys (wait, how would I say that?). I liked both female protagonists, Mica and Lexy each proved how headstrong and independent they were, even though Lexy falling in love so quickly made me go all "huh?", but both girls kicked butt, especially during the chase, all I can say is Girl Power!!

Forbidden Territory was definitely an enjoyable read, I finished it in one sitting because I just couldn't take my eyes away from the book. I would recommend it to all contemporary lovers and anyone interested in survival books, this is a great start to this series! Make sure to read this novel and stay tuned for the other companion novels to Forbidden Territory. Melissa Pearl promised me there will be more Eli, so yea, I am definitely hooked