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Ba(n)d Romance - Sarah Billington Mini Review:

Ba(n)d Romance is a 30-page novelette about a girl who realizes too late that she’s sharing her supposed boyfriend with other girls. She’s supposed to go up next with her band mate to sing. She’s in school and she’s hiding from the other girlfriend while at the same time ignoring the supposed boyfriend’s calls. The novelette was cute, the female protagonist was literally running all over the school from the boyfriend and girlfriend and it was funny. The ending was satisfying for the boyfriend, but for our female protagonist? She realizes who deserves her love. Now here is the cliché part, which sort of soured the ending for me. However, its only 30 pages, and to find closure in such a short novel, sudden realizations need to happen right? I love Sarah Billington’s novel The Kiss Off so I’ve got no doubt that she can rock a romance, even a love triangle without it seeming clichéd!