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Dante's Girl (The Paradise Diaries, #1) - Courtney Cole Dante's Girl sounds like a cute contemporary with my favorite sub-genre: foreign country setting. Reece is boarding a plane from Amsterdam to london, where she will spend the summer with her father. She bumps into this ultra hot guy, Dante, and she is smitten. Turns out he's on her plane and when a plane on the runway gets burnt Dante takes her with him and his security agents (huh?) to a small island. Apparently he is the island's prime minister's son. I personally found it so random that she would just go with him. Have you ever heard of thugs? mafia? kidnappers? human trafficking? How can she just up and go on an airplane to a whole different place without even letting her parents or anyone else know. Talk about being level headed and responsible eh?

I liked Dante, he was such a gentleman but their romance developed too fast. So when a childhood friend of Dante shows up and basically takes out her claws at Reece, I was happy. I thought we would get a bit of drama with this new addition but nothing much happens. They liked each other from the beginning and shows it to each other, so any other addition in the mix felt a bit too forced in my opinion. Also her suddenly ending up working at Dante's family's olive ranch was so out of the blue. This can not ever happen in real life, the circumstances felt a bit absurd and I rolled my eyes a ton and cracked up a lot. There was also a conspiracy being plotted thrown in the book and I felt that was really unnecessary. However I have to say, I really liked the ending of Dante's Girl, that is something that I can believe! also Courtney's writing was hilarious but Reece felt a bit childish at times. What 16 year old says Sweet Baby Monkeys instead of Oh my god? or *gasp*? I am saying all these things I've had issues with, and while they were a lot, I still ended up reading the book and enjoying it. While it is not a memorable contemporary, it was still a good read overall.