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The Crimson Hunt (Eldaen Light Chronicles, #1) - Victoria H. Smith The Crimson Hunt had the most amazing synopsis, however I was unfortunately disappointed when I started reading the novel. I felt the undeniable and unexplainable attraction to this mysterious guy was just so overly done in books. Also, the paranormal aspect of the novel started only halfway through the novel, where by then I was already restless and tired of the push and pull between them. Also, the love interest, Luca, does something that I could never forgive or get past so I couldn't digest the romance that went on and skimmed through any romantic moments between the two. This reminded me a bit of The Shadow Society with the people from the other world. Also the whole chosen one wasn't something that I liked. I just felt this novel was a bit too repetitive and I just didn't enjoy it. The only thing that I actually liked was her best friend and also Luca's parents. Other than that, this novel won't be a memorable one for me.