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Deadly Little Secret - Laurie Faria Stolarz So ive been meaning to pick up more paranormal books (nonvampire relatred however) and the synopsis of this book interested me. Also ive been pining for the “Blue is for Nightmare” series a couple of years back (havent read them yet though). The setting is at a highschool and with a bit of romance, just the way i like it, so this seemed like a good way to dive into this paranormal genre.

While i did end up finishing the book, i can’t lie and say i couldn’t put the book down or im dying to read the second book in the series. It wasn’t bad to the point that i would stop reading it. I tend to do that sometimes; stop reading a book if i don’t enjoy it. I actually have a long list of books ive stopped reading, i know this is shameful.

I feel the paranormal elements of the book weren’t deep enough. We didn’t submerge in the paranormal elements enoguh. Yes i know Ben has supernatural powers, he touches and is engulfed in past memories, future predictions, etc. I would have really liked it if we ventured more into his power and his past. Something also confused me while reading the book. Ben can’t seem to touch Camelia without it hurting or him losing control. However several instances (such as when she rides behind on his bike and wraps her arms around him) he doesn’t seem to mind it or even feel the slightest discomfort.

What i did love about this book is the twist in the book. After every couple of chapters, there is a small chapter (1 page) where they show us a small piece of a person’s thoughts, and the person is always watching Camelia. Throughout the book i predicted who the person is, but at the end, boy was i surprised! it was such a pleasant surprise actually. My prediction was too easy, so im happy i was wrong.

Overall i enjoyed the series, i WILL pick up the next book in the Touch series and read it, since i want to find out what happens next. But i do hope the second book is better than the first.