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dancergirl - Carol M. Tanzman The beginning of dancergirl was a bit slow and confusing, especially with her best friend Jacy and the characters not being introduced clearly for us. However the story finally took off, with Ali's dancergirl videos and the emerging of a peeping tom/stalker.

Alicia, Ali, who is our female protagonist is a contemporary dancer. The dancergirl videos started because one of her classmates "Charlie" videotaped her while she danced. The videos went viral; enters the stalker. I wasn't that happy with Ali's personality. She was persuaded too easily and she never confronted Jacy about his withdrawn behavior towards her. Especially towards the end, some of her decisions got me screaming "NO!! DON'T DO IT!"

However I loved the unpredictable-ness of who the stalker might be. One time it was this person, the other it was that person. Each with their own motives and then a tight alibi that removes them from the suspect list. Ali and her friends had to turn on their investigative intuitions and start playing detective to figure out who is the stalker. The identity of the stalker was honestly a shock to me. I didn't, in the least bit, expect it and im so happy for that!

The writing was simple, easy, nothing too complicated that takes you outside of the story while you're trying to figure out what the author meant by it. yes the beginning was a bit confusing, but 50 pages in, and i was hooked. This is a great contemporary, light thriller book. It's a nice change from the usual contemporary romance novels. I would definitely recommend it to any reader looking for a bit of a thrill in their books.