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There You'll Find Me - Jenny B. Jones There you'll find me is centered around Finley (love the name!), who moves for a semester to Ireland to follow her brother's footsteps so she can experience the love he felt for this place, and to get closer to god. You see, Finley's brother was murdered in a bombing in Afghanistan two years ago. Finley has basically lost all meaning in life, because she doesn't understand WHY it had to be her brother. I am pretty sure anyone who has ever lost a loved one had these kind of thoughts. So she heads off to Ireland to get answers? closure? a sense of direction? the presence of God? but ends up finding so much more.

Then she meets Beckett. Beckett is basically the Justin Bieber, no, the Tayler Lautner (much better) of our time. He is charming, witty, and basically the Hollywood starlet everyone goes gaga over, except for Finley. Of course no one is perfect and has a perfect life. I love how 3 dimensional the characters are, each one has their own conflicts, struggles, and wounds that need healing. This isn't your normal light contemporary novel. The comfort, and sometimes snarky arguments, these two have when they're together is what made this book for me. It brought humor into the book and light into each other's lives. This book deals with deep and some what taboo themes without turning the story into a dark and depressing novel. I would recommend this book for anyone who loves contemporary books but wants more than fluff out of the reading experience.