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Between the Sea and Sky - Jaclyn Dolamore Between The Sea and Sky was such a cute and fun read! I am a huge fan of mermaid mythology so it was interesting getting to see how they lived and the relationship between them and the humans. Add in the Fandarsee (winged people) to the story and all you want to do is pick up the book and get sucked in into this enchanted world.

I would just like to point out that this book was more middle grade than young adult. The story flowed, there were implications, struggles, complications, and decisions to be made. However the resolution to the problems was too simple for the usual YA books, but a fun read nonetheless. I am a huge fan of strong female protagonists, and that’s what I see in Esmerine. She went after what she wanted, cared about the people she loved, and was level headed (a quality missing in many female protagonists nowadays). I loved seeing the relationship develop between Esmerine and Alander, especially since they are both two different species.

Overall I would recommend this book to anyone who misses the old day fairytales and wants to relive some of those magical and beautiful moments!