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Addison Blakely:  Confessions of a PK - Betsy St. Amant Addison Blakely is a preacher's kid. Her whole life and beliefs are predetermined & all eyes are on her, and she needs to set the good example in her community. Problem is, Addison is confused. She doesn't know what to believe in, if everything is only black or white, and what are the intentions of the hot new 'bad boy' in town, Wes Keegan.

A big portion of the book is spent with Addison's infatuation and also resistance towards Wes, her internal struggle when it comes to being a preacher's kid, and living with this label. She also didn't throw herself at Wes, and actually thought about the consequences of her actions. Marking her as a very endearing protagonist in my books!

I also loved her new friend, Marta, the foreign exchange student. She was a great friend to Addison and showed Addison that being a PK doesn't have to empower your life, and that you decide who you want to be in the end.

The story was great! there were some cute moments with Wes, even swoon worthy! so even with all Addison's drama, I am happy to say she wasn't the whiny, 'why me?!' kind of girl. I would recommend this book to contemporary lovers who want a breezy book to read!