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Getting Over Garrett Delaney - Abby McDonald Getting Over Garrett Delaney is about a girl who.. Well, is getting over Garrett Delaney. Sadie has been Garrett’s best friend for two years, however the first time she laid eyes on him at the coffee shop; she believed that he was the one. However, two years later and they’re still only friends, which frustrates her to no end. When Garrett goes away to summer camp and Sadie gets a job at that same coffee shop, she finally decides that she has had enough. The gods of unrequited love aren’t choosing the right moment to grant her wish, they just won’t. Sadie constructs a 12-step process to rid herself of her love sickness.

I am just SO HAPPY with the ending of the book. Let me just tell you that I was quite conflicted at the beginning, do I want her to end up with Garrett at the end? Or do I want her to finally free herself from her and to finally take pride in her single-hood.

At the beginning her obsession baffled me, but she grew on me as I kept reading. I loved her determination, and in the end I believe she made the wise and right decision for herself. The book was cute, especially with the coffee shop co-workers she befriends. Sadie definitely gained my respect in the end, and I finally got to read a book where a girl doesn’t need to be defined by the guy on her side. I would recommend this book to any contemporary lover, and for people who have had unrequited loves (who hadn’t?) and fans of realistic contemps.

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