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Cycles - Lois D. Brown This book was addicting, to say the least. The beginning might be a bit misleading, 13/14 year old best friends, one with a love of horses and the other with a love of books and knowledge. But this book definitely surprised me and exceeded my expectations! This book is a mix of mystery, contemporary, and paranormal, which is a mix i'm starting to really warm up to!

The novel opened up with Renee getting into an accident and losing a large percentage of her blood, therefore a blood transfusion is needed. However, her blood does not match any other blood type, even some of the rare ones. When her neighbor, Dr.Dawson tells the hospital he has some of her blood stored in his house from a science fair project.. a project that Renee has never participated in. This begins the detective work of Renee and her best friend Sam. Renee and Sam seemed mature for their age, at times i would forget they're only 13 and 14, I was so engrossed in the story and following the duo during their search and attempted house break ins and science jargon, specifically about solar eclipses.

The climax of the story happened towards the end, and let me just say that I did NOT expect it at all! throughout the book you get a glimpse of journal entries of a woman accused of murdering her daughter in the 1960s. You have no idea how this is related to the story and whatever you will have in mind? yea it won't be that. Pleasantly surprised with the ending, though a tiny bit predictable, but the story ends with the beginning of a new mystery, which is what I will definitely be looking forward two in the second installment of Cycles by Lois D. Brown!