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The Next Door Boys - Jolene Betty Perry This book was exactly what i needed to read. A well written story about a 20 year old cancer survivor that wants her independence through finally going to college, the catch? her older brother, Jaron, lives next door. I really loved how the protagonist, Leigh, is independent and optimistic, even in such a situation. I can relate that sometimes the need for independence could blind sight you in terms of what is best for you.

I liked the setting and plot of this book. I found it to be very realistic, that has always been a problem in many contemporary books, but this book didn't disappoint. Even though i was hesitant about reading this book at first, I've read how much religion is a part of this book but it honestly didn't bother me here. I have my own beliefs and I'm always interested in knowing about other religions.

I adored many of the characters, such as Brian, Julie, and Nathan. I always have a soft spot for kids so I found the moments of Nathan and Leigh to be so emotional and lovable, emotional because Leigh can't have kids (ovarian cancer), and lovable because of the sweetness of those two together! I always had a smile on my face when they were together.

I think the romance was also very believable, it wasn't the whole love at first sight, i can't live without you! unrealistic love. It was a slow build up, to what becme Leigh's true love.

I didn't know what to expect from "The Next Door Boys" but it definitely exeeded my expectations! this is a contemporary novel about hope, love, finding your self and coming to terms with what god has given you.