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Unearthly - Cynthia Hand Unearthly, to me, is an angel novel that distinguished itself from all the other angel novels I have read. It wasn't all about angels and the paranormal creatures; there was a contemporary feel to the book. This contemporary addition and the protagonist, Clara, already knowing she's an angel from the beginning of the book was what sold this book to me. It definitely had its cute moments and it wasn't all dark. You all know i'm not the biggest paranormal fan, but this book just proved to me that paranormal books still kick butt!

We start off the book with Clara starting to get these flashes that only mean that her purpose or calling is nearing. All angels that tread the earth have a task that they must complete, it is the whole reason of their existence. Her family of three (mother, brother and her), move to a new town. Now let me point out that I love when the protagonist moves! This means new fresh faces and more excitement for the readers. The love triangle of the story (this has become a mandatory element in books, but I'm not complaining) includes Christian, the guy who is somehow connected to her purpose, and Tucker, the cowboy that seems to always get under Clara's skin.

I loved how the love triangle played out. We got to know about both characters and make our decision about them, and yes, I am team Tucker all the way. At the beginning I was team Chritian, but Tucker's charm won me over. The only thing that I wasn't all that happy with was that I was able to predict a supposed shocking discovery at the end of the book. So that made it a tiny bit annoying. Overall Unearthly is a great start to this paranormal angel trilogy, and I can not wait to get my hands on Hallowed to continue on with Clara's journey.