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The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - Jennifer E. Smith This book was adorable! I must admit I went into reading it with some expectations. I hoped it would be the next Anna and the french kiss for me. I mean the premise had it all. A 24 hour setting, a girl meeting the perfect british *squeel* guy, named Oliver (how adorable is that name?) at THE AIRPORT (perfect setting or what?). They end up sitting next to each other the whole ride to london (for her father's wedding), which means close proximity. Some people feared that insta-love will make an appearance in this book, but I'm glad to say, it did not. However it wasn't exactly up to my expectations.

There was a bit too much drama for a book that was around 200 pages. I felt a high ratio of the book was spent on Hadley's problems with her dad leaving her and her mom, and also marrying another woman two years later. Throughout many parts in the book all I was thinking was "enough with the daddy issues, I want Oliver time!". However I did enjoy the father-daughter dynamic, if only it was cut a few pages short. Jennifer's writing was fun fun!, I especially loved the beginning bit with the "What Ifs..". Overal, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight (wanna say that fast out loud?) was a cute, fun, and fast read. I would definitely recommend it to all contemporary lovers!