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Legend - Marie Lu Imagine yourself hopping on a motorcycle, getting all excited since it is your first test drive on that baby, and then the speed, the wind, and the adrenaline rush. That was exactly how I felt throughout Legend by Marie Lu. I was giddy with excitement when I got my hands on the book and couldn't wait to start reading it. We have two protagonists here, Day and June. Day, a wanted 'criminal' by the republic, and June the republic's prodigy. June and Day are such unique names, definitely reminding me of Four (you all know who I'm referring to). I love how dystopian novels have the weirdest, awesomest names for their characters!.

After June's brother, Metias is killed, June swears to hunt down the killer, Day. Personally I found June irritating. She was smart, detailed, and solves anything in front of her, however she was blind when it came to the truth, about Day and the Republic itself. I hated how all she did was follow orders like a robot when she was known to be a troublemaker to begin with. I also hated how she was in denial, never questioning what was in front of her. I felt sorry for her because of Metias, but later on, I grew to resent and hate her. Three quarters into the book, I would clench my fist and just yell at her to SNAP OUT OF IT. I just feel like it took her too long for that to happen, and she is the first ever female protagonist in a dystopian that I do not like.

Day, he was caring, loved his family and did everything for them. There were plagues that emerge every single year, mostly towards the poor sectors, and unfortunately Eden, Day's younger brother contracted it. Even though Day was in hiding, and has been ever since his 'death' five years ago after he failed his Trial test, he still did all he could to save his family. Day was basically the Robin Hood of that world. He would steal from the rich and give to the poor and would destruct and put in flames anything precious to the republics that he can get his hands on.

I loved the fast pacing of the story, the two POVs and the slow unveiling of the corruption that the Republic has been creating and hiding behind closed doors. This book definitely reminded me of why I love Dystopians so much.