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Oppression - Jessica Therrien While Oppression might seem like a book full of mysteries, secrets, revelations, and darkness, it is actually a very contemporary novel where romance actually kicks off from the first couple of pages. This is why I felt the synopsis was a bit misleading, I was ready for the action and more greek mythology infused in the book, but we don't get that in this first installment. The romance between Elyse, an 80 something year old in a 18 year old body which ages 5 times slower than normal, and William, was sweet, but a bit too instant-love for my taste. After I got past this hiccup and Elyse started getting answers to her and my thousand questions, I made myself comfortable and totally anticipated how this book was going to end.

Oppression was definitely a fast and fun read, it is the funner sister of the usual dramatic greek mythology books and Jessica Therrien set up the first book nicely. The beginning to a promising trilogy, hopefully with more mythology and adventure in the upcoming books! I would recommend this book to people who have not read greek mythology before, this would be a great transition from contemporary to hard core greek mythology! Also the ending of this book leaves you hanging wanting to know more; the fight between evil and good is brewing, and Elyse will be the catalyst that triggers this explosion which is why I can not wait to read the second book and find out more.