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The Probability of Miracles - Wendy Wunder Wow.. just wow. This book was SO DIFFERENT from what I was expecting going into the story. Yes it is about a cancer patient, going to a 'magical' place that might cure the cancer, but I wasn't expecting the book to be dripping with sarcasm. First of, Cam was basically dragged into this supposed magical town, because she has given up. She doesn't think she'll ever be cured and just accepted it. However, by accepting her fate she didn't just lock herself in her room and treat herself as a weak cancer patient, she went all out. Half of what she did in the story, I would never have the guts to do! It definitely made me rethink my predisposed ideas of the definition of a 'sick patient'.

At the beginning I wasn't entirely comfortable with Wendy Wunder's writing. It seemed too direct and full on. However as I continued reading, I found myself enjoying the writing, and laughing along multiple times. Cam is definitely the comic relief in this story, ironic since she, herself, is the reason for the grief and sad aspect in the story. Some parts of the book had me gasping, while others just warmed my heart, especially Cam and her love for animals. This book is a perfect contemporary that warms your heart but at the same time doesn't lose sight of the reality of the situation, even with all the magical wackiness that occurs. I'm pretty sure those were there for a reason, and that is to bring back the hope and dreams of the future that Cam believes she can't have, and to let her live in the moment, because the right now is what we can guarantee. All in all this book is fantastic and you should all read it and I can't wait to read the next novel by Wendy!