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Interrupted: A Life Beyond Words - Rachel Coker I went into Interrupted by Rachel Coker with NO expectations whatsoever, I didn't even know it was historical fiction until I started it when I got "The Notebook" vibe and it was addicting! I loved how carefree and realistic it was, even though the protagonist, Allie loses her mother and gets adopted and taken away from her hometown the day after her mother's funeral. We deal with tragic and sad situations, but at the same time we do not lose the reality of things.

The book is set in more than a 3 year period, jumping from when Allie gets adopted at 14, to how old she is now, which is 17. Even though Allie gets the best adoptee mother (Beatrice) I personally can think of, she is still closed off and can't seem to open herself up to Beatrice, who seems to also be lost and unable to get closer to Allie and show her that she truly does love her, and at the same time Allie can't understand WHY Beatrice WOULD love her. Allie did frustrate me in this aspect; I mean, you've been adopted by around 4 years and you've only been treated no less than a real daughter, so why would you still hold on to all these insecurities and mistrust? Don't humans, naturally need someone to depend on? no matter how 'independent' they say they are. Allie does grow, with the help of Sam, her childhood friend, or more like, the guy who followed her as a lost puppy for years. I adored Sam, he wasn't pushy, he gave Allie her own time and slowed down to her pace and basically tried everything he could to make her happy, even if it meant that he won't end up with her.

Then enters the military enlistment. I liked, and disliked the addition of this idea, the like comes fro the phrase "Distance only makes the heart grow fonder" and disliked it for the fact that it sort of sprung up on me, I didn't have much time to adapt to the idea of Sam leaving, and I felt that Allie resolved her feelings a bit too fast because of it. However, even though the ending and resolution of the book felt a bit rushed, it was sweet, heartwarming, and just an overall feel good ending. I would recommend this book to any lover of realistic fiction, but beware, I couldn't put this book down! I am definitely excited for any new books by Rachel Coker and hoping for another brilliant realistic contemporary like Interrupted