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The Fine Art of Truth or Dare - Melissa Jensen The Fine Art of Truth or Dare was just the contemporary novel I needed to take a break from all the dark paranormal novels I’ve been reading. I know it has been compared to Anna and the French Kiss, and if you’ know me and have watched my YouTube videos you know how much I love Anna. However I’ve learnt to not start a book with high expectations because of comparisons to other favorite books or raving reviews, since that always leads to disappointment, and im glad I didn’t. While The Fine Art of Truth or Dare was cute and different, it was no Anna and the French Kiss.

The story starts off with the protagonist falling in love at first sight with a guy she saw, and at the end of the chapter you find out that he’s been dead since the late 1800s. It was unexpected but cute, especially the conversations she has with his photo she has up on her bedroom. Of course the real love interest is 100% alive and goes to her high school. He is your typical high school guy who is dating the most popular girl who is like an extra on the set of “mean girls”. Alex and her end up spending more time together when her French teacher asks Alex to be her tutor. I liked how the close proximity between them wasn’t forced, that it wasn’t a coincidence she met him 10 times a week outside of school. Their conversations were always full of sarcasm and French words that I frankly didn’t understand but enjoyed nonetheless.

At some point the digging around the dead man’s past was getting borderline obsessive and in all honesty I sometimes skimmed through the letters between him and his wife since I really wasn’t interested in him. Other than that, I loved the quirkiness of the protagonist, her family and their Italian restaurant, her two best friends and the overall pace of the book. There aren’t any dramatic obstacles for them to end up together which is refreshing so it was a laid back, quick read and I really do recommend it to anyone wanting to read a light and fun novel.