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Embrace  - Jessica Shirvington If you've been following the blog for a while you would know that I am known to have an odd relationship with paranormal novels, specifically angel books. Some angel novels I love to death, and others I can't seem to get through the full book. Now you're all wondering how I feel about Embrace? well it definitely is in the "I enjoyed it" pile! To break it down even more, I must say that I enjoyed the first half much more than the latter half. I went through the first half in ONE sitting, however I reached a bump in the middle and things slowed down in the book, which in turn made me lose a bit of interest in it. However, the book in the end was magnificent and I am SO excited to get my hands on the second book because i REALLY did get addicted to Violet's story in the end!

Ok now let me explain a bit more. This novel has a love triangle. I often side with one of the sides immediately and stick to it till the end, but I am SO annoyed that as SOON as Violet gets with someone, I start liking the other! I mean sheesh, Violet, why couldn't we agree on one man? I was confused, so I understand why Violet went from one to the other and just didn't know where her heart belonged to. Throughout the book I found Violet to be a bit childish, and sometimes even straight out hateful because of how she treated Lincoln, and then Pheonix, the other guy of the love triangle. I just did not enjoy her indecisive mentality and that she assumes everyone should give her a break because she just found out she will never live a normal life.

I really liked the plot, in that it was more dynamic, problems happen, they get solved, then more problems occur. It was centered around one problem, but it didn't suffocate the whole book, there was room for other implications, complications, and issues to arise. Also, towards the end, you discover things (even though you discover them before Violet does), that are so shocking that you just want to know WHY but you never get to that since the book ends. WHICH IS WHY I NEED to get my hands on the second book! which I can not wait to see its cover, if it is as gorgeous as the first one, then I'm a happy reader/book cover lover.

3.5/5 stars
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