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Delirium - Lauren Oliver I started reading Delirium because of the TBR intervention weekly Meme and I'm GLAD I picked this book. This book got me hooked from page one. I LOVED the protagonist, though at the beginning she was a bit too goody goody and followed all the rules, but as soon as she met Alex, everything changed. Alex was the one who opened up a switch to her brain, he made her see what life really is about, he showed her how to think of herself, he guided her, ever so gently, to the truth, even if it might hurt him. I loved Alex from the first time he was introduced. He winked! You know I'm always a victim of winks.

Hana was a character that I cautiously liked. At the beginning because she seemed to always have a mind of her own, speak out about things that are even forbidden to think about, and I felt like Hana would cause the problems. I was afraid of their friendship dissolving but in a way you can say that Alex saved that from happening. Towards the end I felt like Hana would be a hindrance to their plans. So you can see why I was very cautious about Hana, but in the end, she was a character you can’t but love. Another Character that I loved and wish that maybe a spinoff would end up being created for is Grace. She’s six years old and a resistor at heart! Lena loved her so much, and so did I.

The romance between Alex and Lena did not feel rushed, I usually have that problem with books, when the characters suddenly fall madly in love and I'm left thinking “When did THAT happen?” so I liked the pace of their romance, I loved how Alex took care of her, didn’t push her, let her think for HERSELF, even though most of the time she was lost and confused, and I loved how no matter what in the end he would do anything for her. That is so heartbreakingly beautiful. Yes I’ve been infected, I have contracted deliria *gasp*, bring out the shackles and watchdogs and put me in Ward 6 now! (Joke you’ll get once you read the book).

People said the ending would be jaw dropping, and that’s exactly what happened. I was shocked, immobile, mentally counting the days till pandemonium is out. The book is phenomenal; a book I would recommend for anyone, romance, dystopian, contemporary lovers, it has a bit of everything really.