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Darkness Falls - Cate Tiernan Darkness Falls definitely breaks the curse of sophomore books in a series. Many times a second book in a series would somehow be a disappointment or a letdown compared to the first book, however Darkness Falls was so much better!! We got more backstory on the main characters, more development plot wise and character wise and we finally get a chance to meet Incy! Nasty's best friend of over a century. I really enjoyed Darkness Falls because Nasty has finally toned down the whining and "why me" attitude, and while we do have some times when she falls in despair and becomes emotionally distraught and screwy, it is all filled with real, raw emotions that you can't help but feel sorry for her and hope that she can see that everyone CAN change for the better. Nasty has definitely been bumped up my list of favorite characters in Darkness Falls. However, we unfortunately do not get much of Reyn since this book is mostly dedicated to Nasty and Incy's relationship and the final outcome of it. I am hoping the third book will be more about Reyn and from what the author has hinted, it will be!

There were several flashbacks in the book and you all know how flashbacks aren't really my thing but they were short and informative that the story can't do without so I didn't get the usual restless feeling when I read flashbacks. Reyn and Nasty's relationship takes two steps forward then three steps back then again five steps forward but with the promise for more. I am definitely excited to explore more of their relationship and how Reyn and Nasty will have to deal with their past and history in order to be together. One thing that i'm still not used to is the amount of characters in the book; there are several wayward immortals that have also taken refuge in River Edge and while we do get a glimpse of each the pasts they are all trying to move on from, I really hoped that we might be given more backstory to some of their pasts. However I sometimes confuse between them all because I just don't know them enough to be able to remember them all.

All in all Darkness Falls was an excellent follow up to Immortal Beloved and ended on a good note that gives the readers a satisfactory ending while at the same time giving them hints of what is to come, and trust me, I know it is going to be amazing!