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*do not read if you have not read Delirium. This review is spoiler free for Pandemonium only.*
4.5/5 stars

Pandemonium was a highly anticipated 2012 sequel for me ever since Delirium left be heartbroken and at the worst cliffhanger I have ever read so far. I am glad to say that Pandemonium did not disappoint, while the direction of the book took a totally different unimaginable turn from what I expected, I couldn't read the book fast enough to find out how Lauren is going to resolve this and what will be the famous cliffhanger that I've heard broke readers' hearts again.

Pandemonium starts with a couple of days after the ending of delirium and for a while I was definitely confused with the two changing POVs. the then and now. I was so frustrated and confused that I wanted to skip a hundred pages or so to find out when was then and when was now! but I'm glad to say that Lauren didn't leave us hanging for too long and I found out a couple of chapters in what was going on. Pandemonium held its own ground to Delirium. It reminded me a bit of Shatter Me, especially the brewing romance between Lena and a newly introduced character and while that left me torn between their happiness and the fact that it is a bit too soon after Alex. However I was definitely shipping them and I loved how the romance did not overtake the book like Delirium. I especially loved all the plotting and fighting, that didn't get boring at all. Now, coming to the cliffhanger and some of the revelations, I have to say, I predicted every single one of them. The cliffhanger was totally obvious and I knew the only ending people would react so much towards was the one I had in mind. Other small revelations include Lena's mother, and the resistance.

All in all Pandemonium, while slow at the beginning, was an addicting novel that I couldn't put down, and wished wouldn't break my heart, but still broke it in the end. Whoever have read Delirium, PLEASE go pick this up right now!!