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Flirting in Italian - Lauren Henderson 3.5/5 stars

I adore the cover for Flirting In Italian. The pink, blue, and purple make it look FUN and such a summary read! and if that didn't grab you, maybe the title would? flirting in ITALIAN? I started reading this book hoping to get to experience a summer in italy! full of fun, hot boys, and an unforgettable summer. However, the book isn't that, there is a mystery and an ending that leaves you with your mouth wide open and thoughts of "WHAT the hell did I just read?" going in your mind. But have no fear, since this is the first book in a series! So while this book did not answer the big question, let's hope the second book does!

In all honesty, the synopses was very misleading. I thought the book would be told from four POVs (4 girls), and while having a bit of mystery, it wouldn't really center around it. However the whole reason the protagonist went to Italy is because she saw herself (or a doppelgänger) in a painting by an Italian artist at a museum. Hence the flight to Italy. I just want to point out that Violet did not have any family issues; she wasn't a neglected child, or a troublemaker. She was a normal teenager that actually felt guilty for her mother for pursuing this and thinking she isn't her real mother.

However the book does give you the hot italian boys, along with snarky, condescending italian girls. The romance in the book, while it did not dominate, was cute. However the ending just made me rethink the WHOLE romance and thank god I am not in their situation! All in all, Flirting in Italian, was a fun and cute contemporary, and fits to be a great summer read!

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