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Chosen Ones - Tiffany Truitt The Chosen Ones is another great dystopian that centers more around the romance of the book. However the dystopian elements are not overshadowed and we get a great deep plot with twist and turns that keep you reading to find out what happens next. The dystopian world is one where humans are becoming extinct because stronger, smarter, and better 'engineered' beings that are created to win the war that the humans couldnt win. In this world humans can't marry and the fate of a woman who gets oregnant is death on the birthbed.

Our protagonist does not believe in love and only has hatred for who does, one of them is her older sister who married a man and got pregnant and died. She felt betrayed that she would choose a man over her family. Since her older sister isnt alive to take the punishment, Tess ends up working as a maid at the Templeton as a punishment. this is where she meets James and her world turns upside down.

I loved the relationship between her and James. She is a human, while he was raised to be an emotionless killing machine. He is confused about all the feelings he shouldnt have and his want to something more than war, and she is confused about her new feelings of love. My heart was beating fast whenever they were together, one for the fear of them being found out, and second for the anticipation that they will finally admit their feelings to each other.

The dystopian elements werent just a setting like so many new 'dystopian' books nowadays, but there is actual conspiracies and hidden revolutionary movements and both the main characters are the catalyst for change. Chosen Ones was intense, heartbreaking, and thrilling; I can't believe that I have to wait over a year (I read this back in February) to get the second book, but the ending? yea, total awesome cliffhanger!

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