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Article 5 - Kristen Simmons Article 5 was a novel that was more about mending a broken relationship than a dystopian world. I am not complaining, since I love the world Kristen Simmons created. She focused more on the relationships of the characters, their emotional dilemmas, and how far one would go for the ones they love? All of that was wrapped with a dystopian world that makes these decisions 10 times harder. I enjoyed the flashbacks of Ember and Chase, and that they were a couple before he had to go and "serve his country". A year or two later they meet each other, under the worst circumstances, when her mom gets taken away and Ember gets sent to a rehabilitation center. This is because Article 5 was broken because Ember was born out of wedlock. She ends up in the rehabilitation center and you get to read about the horrors of what goes there and Ember trying to survive and break out.

Then came along Chase and they embark on a trip to reach her mother before it is too late. Ofcourse this isn't a typical road trip since they are technically considered fugitives and criminals running away from the law. This is when the suspense and thrill comes. I loved every bit of the trip, my heart would beat double its usual and I would flip the pages frantically to see what happens next. My only problem was with Ember, she has this rule that when the going gets tough, she runs away. literally. I was getting sick of this at some point in the book and due to her running away she caused herself to get into the stupidest most dangerous situations and I just wanted to bang my head.

I've gotta say, I loved Chase. He was the composed, silent type. NOT a jerk or a 'batboy' but just guarded. He has his walls up, and seeing what he had to go through I understood his emotional detachment from Ember. I just loved how they slowly started mending their broken relationship and it was definitely different because they once were a couple. Article 5 was a wonderful start to this dystopian trilogy, and I know the second book would contain more of the 'dystopian' world, which is why I enjoyed how the first book was more about the characters and their emotional journey.

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