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Saving Zoë - Alyson Noel 3.5/5 stars

Saving Zoë was an emotional story about a girl, Echo, that loses her older sister, Zoë, through a murder a year before. To say that this rattled and shook their world would be an understatement. Echo's parents are as tense as they can be and constantly fight, Echo herself has started feeling distant towards her friends and everything around her, and the need to know more overpowered her when Zoë's boyfriend gives Echo Zoë's diary. Marc had it with him and felt that Echo should get to know the 'real' Zoë. Not the one everyone is talking about. Thus the journey through Zoë's last couple of months began. 

In all honesty I expected something major to be written inside the diary, but the beauty of this novel is that Zoë really is just a normal teenage girl that parties too much and wants to get her break at fame. Echo starts to get to know Zoë more and more through each journal entry and for an attempt to feel close to Zoë she starts to hang our more with Marc. Now i've read a book similar to this idea which almost a year ago and while I might have understood the sudden attachment to the deceased sister's boyfriend, now I understood the pain and need to feel close to your loved one would let you do. I found Marc to be just as lost as Echo and I really did like his character. I think Alyson Noël did an amazing job portraying the fractured family of Echo, their overprotectiveness, the different kind of loss each character feels, and also the realistic aspect of losing a loved one. 

Saving Zoë isn't about literally saving Zoë from her murder or even unraveling the story behind her death and who her murderer is, it is a story about the now and present, about the people Zoë had to leave behind and how they have to deal with this pain, even one year later and how Echo, through reading Zoë's diary, finally gets to know her sister like she's never known her before, giving her the chance to finally cherish Zoë's short life and try to start living her own.