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Between the Lines - Jodi Picoult, Samantha van Leer Between the Lines is a book about the lives of the characters in a book that the protagonist of OUR book (Delilah) is reading. However the main protagonist (Oliver) in the book she is reading is tired of always acting out the fairytale over and over again and just wants out. One day he succeeds in communicating with our main protagonist, Delilah, who was shocked and thought she was hallucinating in the beginning. Delilah is a loner, she only has one friend and spends most of her time reading a fairytale (THAT one). She dreams of finding a prince just like the one in the fairytale (Oliver), however all Oliver wants is to NOT be a prince and just live a normal life. They try to figure out a way to somehow transport Oliver from the fairytale to the real world so that both get their happy ending.

I know I might have lost many people but to summarize it, there are three POVs: Delilah, Oliver, and the "Fairytale". I honestly did not enjoy reading the actual fairytale since I didn't get how that relates to the actual story and I skimmed through that POV. As for the other two POVs, they were interesting but I must say I did not enjoy the insta-love feel of this book. Also this book's target audience is more MG than YA which might explain why I didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped I would. I personally liked Oliver more than Delilah. Oliver's POV was funny, had me cracking up at times and his determination and him just knowing exactly what he wants was a contrast to Delilah. She was lost, didn't know where she belongs, and when she somehow got what she wished for, she threw a tantrum when she realized that wasn't what she really wanted.

The plot of Between the Lines was cute, I think many 10-13 year olds would enjoy it! It is like a border between fairytales and the MG/YA novels. I would definitely recommend it to young readers, but not older ones. There are mermaids, talking dogs and horses, pirates, and villains that all become friends when their fairytale book closes and they say CUT. It was really fun thinking of how the characters in the books we read don't really stop living when we close the novels or books. What if they are just actors that act out their part and when the book is closed go on living their lives? However the ending of the book was a bit sloppy in my opinion. I felt that they took the easy way out in terms of how to resolve the problem and it was a bit anti-climatic. Again, this may be because the target audience are much younger than me so go ahead and read it! younger readers will especially love the colorful illustrations this book!

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