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Fury - Elizabeth  Miles 3.5/5 stars

Fury is the first installment to a paranormal trilogy about getting even. Three 'girls', or paranormal beings, call themselves The Furies. Their twisted logic is that anyone who has been bad during their life like stealing their best friend's boyfriend, or messing up someone's life, they end up in their radar. The story opens up with the Furies having decided on their next targets, Em and Chase. Now for the plot of the story, it took a while to get into it because we suddenly get sucked into a world of lies, deceit, and mistake after mistake, you don't really empathize or connect to the characters, which makes it hard to feel sorry for them. As for the Furies, we get to see them stealthy doing their work through the clueless eyes of Em and Chase. The unraveling of the mystery and plot was totally creepy. I enjoyed the writing but there was a bit too much descriptions to my liking but the mystery and the need to know more kept me reading. However I felt the plot was a bit too draggy but the ending was very shocking and while I was not 100% satisfied, I can't wait to pick up Envy, the second book in this trilogy to find out what more do The Furies have in store!

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