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Glitch - Heather Anastasiu Glitch totally surprised me. I was a bit wary at the beginning because many of my friends didn't enjoy it as much, but I am so glad that I did! Glitch was so fast paced! The book never had a dull moment, granted, the beginning needed a tiny push for the plot to flow, but after that, I could barely catch my breath! Now there is something I must admit, this book had insta-love. YES! Me, the crusader of insta-love actually liking a book WITH IT? Well let me just point out that the insta-love was so well plotted, the close proximity angle was used that you really forget the label of the romance and just enjoy it. HOWEVER there was a twist a third way into the book that I would have never imagined! Which is why I liked Glitch a lot, insta-love or not, this book was awesome.

The protagonist, Zoe lives in a community where every single person is stripped from their emotion. Seeing life in color? Family loyalty? pshhh, feelings of joy, happiness, sadness, anger? we don't need those! We can just become robots and live a life of routine and voluntary slavery because that is the ideal world! However Zoe started to glitch. Meaning the chip that was inserted in her from birth started going haywire and she started to see colors instead of the usual shades of grey. She started thinking for herself and started freaking out, because any glitcher will be reported immediately, even by their own family. The saying is:

"An anomaly observed is an anomaly reported"

However that is when she meets Adrien, the mysterious guy that just might be on to her anomaly or maybe an ally? There is also a very weak love triangle (thank god) with Max. I just didn't like him at all because of uhh, his obsession with something that made me seriously weirded out by him.

However the book doesn't leave much room for wondering since you dive right into action. I really loved Adrien, he was such a likable character! I also really enjoyed reading from Zoe's POV since she didn't shy away from having to find out the truth, even if it has hurt her more than once. Heather Anastasiu pulled out trick after trick and twist after twist that just made this novel so worth the time I read it and I really can't wait for the second installment in this series, Override.