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Bittersweet - Sarah Ockler 2.5/5 stars

I really thought Bittersweet would continue on the streak of loving every contemporary I've been reading lately, however i'm sad to say that it did not. I am disappointed by Bittersweet since I was expecting something as good as Twenty Boy Summer. However I did enjoy it but I had several issues with it. Hudson, the main protagonist gave up competing professionally in ice skating when she found out her father was cheating on her mom. 3 years later Hudson isn't happy being in her hometown, only making cupcakes at her mom's diner. She secretly starts practicing ice skating for a competition but Josh sees her and asks for her help to teach technical tricks to his hockey team. Now instant sparks fly when Josh and Hudson meet, then insert love triangle. I hate how now every single book is forcing love triangles that make little sense. Also, I really didn't like how Hudson kept on nagging, ignoring her best friend, saying she can't wait to leave her town. I was fooled in thinking this book would be like Ice Princess (2005) movie, however it barely had any ice skating, not even her teaching the hockey team, also not much cupcake making, but a whole lot of whining and complaining. However I really liked Hudson's 8 year old brother, Bug. He was hilarious and a genius! I also really liked how some chapters began with a phrase and a corresponding recipe for a cupcake that matched the mood of the chapter. Bittersweet was a cute but cliched contemporary. I do recommend it to contemporary fans, but just don't compare it to Twenty Boy Summer.

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