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10 Weeks - Jolene Perry, Janna Watts Update (after finishing the book): this book is divided into three 60 page stories about each one of the girls at the summer camp. I'm going to do separate ratings for each one:

Kay Kay: 4 stars
Jody: 3.5 to 4 stars
Sam: 3 stars


10 Weeks is part of a new emerging genre called New Adult. I am sure you have already heard about this genre and Jolene Perry even discusses above. 10 Weeks is set during 10 weeks of summer camp and is about three girls who are counselors. We’ve got Kay Kay who is 19 and is in love with a man that is 40. Then we’ve got Jody who can’t get over her two-year boyfriend breaking up with her because they now moved in different “directions”. And lastly is Sam, the girl who is running away from the love she thinks she doesn't deserve. Each girl’s part is 60 pages long.

We start off with Kay Kay. She’s this 19-year-old independent girl who doesn’t care about what anyone thinks. She does what she wants and when she sets her mind on something, or shall I say someone, she usually gets what she wants. Over here it is Alex, the 40-year-old counselor. I enjoyed Kay Kay’s story the most out of all of them because it was definitely unique from the usual YA novels I read. Kay Kay’s story is for the span of all 10 weeks, you also see her conversing with Jody and Sam and you get hints of what is going on in their time at the camp. The next story is about Jody, we go back to the first day of camp. She’s heartbroken over the breakup. However when she lays eyes on the new bartender at The Little Minnow Bar and Grill close to camp. He’s Irish and maybe the distraction she needs? But Jody is a commitment kind of girl and adding in a heartbreak? This relationship was full of hiccups and frustration for me, though I really enjoyed it. Again you can relate to these girls in how they make their decisions; Jody is 20, she’s not reckless and impulsive. She thinks of the consequences and I sometimes miss that in YA novels.

The last 60 pages stat again at the beginning of camp and this time we see Sam, a clichéd 21-year-old bad girl who is running away from what truly makes her happy because she thinks she doesn’t deserve that. Now here… this is a story I’ve read many times in YA novels, with a little less swearing and bad attitude. I personally enjoyed this story the least since I find it very frustrating, in a bad way, that someone would think so little of themselves that they think they don’t deserve happiness. Overall I really enjoyed 10 Weeks, this is told from three very different girls. Jolene Perry and Janna Watts have written a great New Adult novel that breaks the usual stories of YA novels. I hope they continue on writing more NA novels together or alone because I need more of the NA genre!