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Awkward - Marni Bates Awkward was the perfect read during my stressful days of exams. It was funny, with a very likable protagonist and a plot that I highly enjoyed. Marni Bates is definitely an author I will follow for any new contemporary YA releases.

The story revolves around Mackenzie, and there's no other way of saying it but she's a total klutz. She is part of the Non-Notables crowd, meaning the invisibles at high school, and the last thing she wanted was to have the spotlight on her. That's what happened when she tried to perform CPR on one of The Notables that she knocked down by accident. The video was posted on youtube and went viral. This equals to instant fame (Rebecca Black anyone?, but more likable). Mackenzie has enough of The Notables from tutoring Logan Beckett, but that's exactly what she gets, an overload of Notables.

With this new fame, and the interest of two boys, Mackenzie isn't sure if its her fame or herself they're interested in. I love that Mackenzie didn't get caught up in the fame and ditch her friends, and wasn't naive about the sudden interest for her by the boys. Overall, Mackenzie chose the right guy without going through the whole drama of deciding.

This was a very light and fluffily read, definitely cute and I can say that I totally adored this book and would recommend it to all contemporary lovers!

4,5/5 stars