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Velveteen - Daniel Marks If you are planning on reading Velveteen, don't expect a book centered around Velvet getting her revenge against her killer, because this book is so much more. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the 464 pages of Velveteen. Velvet was a great protagonist to read about and I loved how independent and how much of a leader she is. She also had the worst personality and a mouth with no filter. She was honestly a ton of fun to read about. Looking at the plot, I did have a small issue with the conspiracy plot happening in purgatory, but in the end I really did enjoyed Velveteen.

I have to say, this book contains some gory stuff. Being a person who HATES gore, I gagged multiple times when Velvet recalled how Bonesaw, her killer, tortured her. It was brutal, inhumane, and I can't believe there are monsters like this in our world. While trying to save more victims of Bonesaw and think of a way to kill him, Velveteen is also the head of a team, or posse, that basically tries to keep peace between our world and purgatory. She rescues a guy, Nick from this evil spirit and he ends up joining her team. A romance obviously developed but it wasn't the cliche typical one that blossoms oh so randomly. Nick was a great guy, along with the rest of the team and I think Daniel Marks did a great job with the characterization and individuality of all his characters.

As for the plot, it was one complicated yet fascinating plot. It had a ton of secrets, betrayals, scheming, and straight up revenge. I also think Daniel did a great job with the plot but I hoped that it would have been shortened because it was a very long book. I also wished we spent more time trying to get revenge on Bonesaw since the synopsis did promise that is what will mostly happen. All in all, Velveteen was a very different book from what I usually read but I am glad that I ventured into this world of purgatory, ghosts, and revenge because it was one hell of an adventure.