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Confessions of an Angry Girl - Louise Rozett Confessions of an Angry Girl is another great contemporary debut of 2012. I am loving all the new contemporary novels and how original and entertaining they are. Confessions of an Angry Girl deals with a girl's struggle in high school. You might think this is a typical contemporary but the uniqueness of the character and her voice just set this novel apart from other contemporaries.

Rose Zarelli has her issues. She's angry, and doesn't know what to do with that anger. Her dad passed away recently, her mom's an official zombie, and her brother fled the state for university, yea right. She doesn't know where she belongs, is she a geek? or maybe she could be more than that? Now that her best friend became a cheerleader would things change? how about when Forta, the bad boy of her high school shows interest in her and that gets the attention of his evil girlfriend. Rozett's writing is smooth, it sucks you in and you just can't put the book down because its too much fun to do anything else!

Rose's voice drips with sarcasm and honesty. She's hilarious, stays true to her beliefs and doesn't take any crap from anyone. Sometimes people mistake that for her being angry, and sometimes people just get angry at her for being such an opinionated person. Lots of funny situations along with heartfelt and heart pumping scenes are part of this fantastic novel. This is not a standalone and I am glad I found out it isn't because it had an open ending. The second book is titled Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend. With a title like that, who wouldn't want it? I would definitely recommend it to all contemporary fans, this book is one you will devour in a day, if not one sitting!