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Destroy Me - Tahereh Mafi I must point out that I generally do not read novellas, however knowing that this novella is from Warner's POV and that it is set AFTER Shatter Me made me pick it up immediately. I've always had a soft spot for Warner and even mentioned in my review that no one is pure good or bad but only a result of their environment. Warner fit this perfectly in Shatter Me because we could tell he was struggling internally with himself. However in Destroy Me? oh god, you find out that Warner is really just a prisoner as Juliette was. He is a prisoner of his father and I understood. I knew that Warner hated who his father wanted him to be and that he just can't do it. I know why he killed the soldier in cold blood in Shatter Me and your heart further breaks. But most of all? his love for Juliett. The all consuming love he has for her and his need for her to see how similar they both are and how he gets her just broke my heart. Destroy Me is a book that really shows you who Warner really is. It is a book that is going to get tons of Adam fans to convert to Warner fans, I know I am officially Team Warner. Tahereh amazes me again with her short novella, her writing style is totally different from Shatter Me and fit quite well with Warner's voice. I honestly can't wait for Unravel Me to know which direction Tahereh is planning on taking with this amazing series!