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Betwixt - Melissa Pearl Betwixt is another fantastic novel by Melissa Pearl. I think Melissa Pearl has tackled this sub-genre marvelously. In Betwixt, Nicole was on the receiving end of a hit and run and is thrown down the hill from the impact of the car. When she wakes up she finds out that no one can hear or see her, except for Dale. Dale, the neighbor who she always liked as a friend but couldn't really hang out with because she is at the top of the social ladder and being associated with him is like social suicide. Therefore Nicole has to battle between having someone hear her and find her and basically her body surviving the crash and her immobility in the middle of nowhere.

This novel was so refreshing. I loved how Melissa Pearl kept this novel as realistically as possible for such a plot. The ending wasn't absurd or out of no where and the mystery of who hit her was actually really well thought out and written. At the beginning I did not like Nicole. She was a typical mean girl who lived by the book of bullies. I did not pity her or care much for her. She was spoilt, careless, an airhead, mean, and just downright infuriating. She thought the whole world loved her but got a reality check when she heard what people were saying about her behind her back. The only person who I liked from the beginning was Dale. Dale is the guy who has always tried to be nice to her but was rewarded the nickname scarface when her friends caught her chatting with him and *gasp* actually enjoying herself.

However bit by bit Nicole finally sees herself for who she truly was and that caused her to re-evaluate her whole life. I love it when characters develop and you actually see it happening and believing in it because a character you hated at the beginning of the story ends up being your favorite towards the end. I really enjoy Melissa Pearl's novels. Every single one that I have read I delved into its world with its characters and plot. Betwixt was no exception. Melissa Pearl is a gifted storyteller and I urge all YA readers to check out Betwixt or any of her other novels!