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The Encyclopedia of Me - Karen Rivers 3.5/5 stars

The Encyclopedia of Me takes you on a journey through Tinker’s everyday life in an encyclopedia format. To be honest, I was wary of this type of format, since I am not the biggest fan of verse novels and I was afraid the plot wouldn’t flow and the story would be distorted. However The Encyclopedia of Me was full of laughter, useful information (its an encyclopedia!) and a cute 13-year old female protagonist that has the funniest thoughts, ideas, and interesting tales. My only problem with her was her naivety towards her supposed best friend.

The story revolves around Tinker, a 13 year old girl who decided to start writing an encyclopedia because she got grounded over something oh so hilair (yup, this word is part of the encyclopedia) but her parents thought otherwise. Her everyday life is integrated in the encyclopedia through the alphabetical letters. We’ve got the Blue haired boy, Hairless cat (which won’t stop scratching her!), Skateboarding (her new hobby), and more. The footnotes are also amaz (Yup, another word from her pops lingo). I honestly was cracking up because Karen Rivers knew how to portray a witty, smart, 13 year old. One with spunk, creativity, and everyday life problems a 13 year old would face. Adding in some angst with the so ever annoying best friend, a blue haired crush, and a bit of trouble and you've got yourself Tinker's Encyclopedia!

Karen Rivers has written a cute, hilarious (how many times have I said that?) contemporary novel that appeals to all teenagers. Since this is a middle grade novel, and I am no middle grader, my rating is perspective. I honestly think middle graders would switch to this encyclopedia and ditch the other boring ones as soon as they get their hands on this book!