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Smart Girls Get What They Want - Sarah Strohmeyer Smart Girls Get What They Want has become the only YA contemporary novel that has finally reached the same love I have for Anna and the French Kiss. This is saying ALOT. I loved every single page of SGGWTW. It was full of laughs, such likable and flowing writing, realistic plot, amazing secondary characters, a kick-butt protagonist that is SMART and is independent, an enjoyable plot, and finally a cute boy to giggle about! That being said, beware, this review will be full of praises, gushing, and outright infatuation over Sarah Strohmeyer's debut novel!

The protagonist, Gigi, is nicknamed "Einstein". That should give you an understanding of her level of smartness. Along with her other two best friends, Neerja and Bea, they are the three smartest girls in their sophomore year. However getting tired of not being noticed or leaving an imprint during their high school years, they decid to try out for different things. Neerja for the play Romeo and Juliet, Bea for the Skiing team, and Gigi for Student Rep. However Gigi, at first, is only running for Student Rep to win and be able to remove the accusations of cheating that were filed against her and Mike at the beginning of the year, even if they were exonerated. What Ivy League school would take a possible cheater? Here enters Mike. The guy that is all fun and Jokes. He is not the usual hot jerk, even with his constant teasing of Gigi, he is truly goodhearted and sweet. I really loved Mike! however the other side of the love triangle, Will, I can't say the same about. He ticked me off, and I'm glad the protagonist is smart and follows her head, and not only her heart.

The secondary characters (her best friends) were amazing! I am so glad the protagonist had such loyal friends. A great change from the 'mean best friend' we see in YA novels. You also get a glimpse of their high school struggles and also you see their strong friendship. Also, they all make new friends. There is no evil witch, or a mean girl. Even Mike's ex-girlfriend. I was totally invested in not only the protagonist's life, but also all the secondary characters! including Mike's ex-girlfriend! Sarah Strohmeyer knows how to grab the readers and immerse them into her characters' lives and make us become totally involved in their lives!

The only way to describe Smart Girls Get What They Want is that it is a totally feel good novel. A contemporary that would appeal to all YA readers. All I can say, at the beginning the synopsis didn't make me that excited for this novel, but when I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. So in my opinion give it a try! This novel is amazing. I can not wait to see what Sarah Strohmeyer has in stores for her next novel! I will definitely be picking it up!