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Envy - Elizabeth  Miles Envy was a definite step up to Fury. I enjoyed Envy so much more than Fury and that is mainly due to the fact that the characters in this installment weren't as clueless and hence frustrating as Fury. Emily Winters knows the Furies are back. She doesn't ignore the obvious clues and occurrences and this time she's not going to wait for The Furies to come and get here, she's going to fight. I finally let out a sigh of relief when I saw how Emily isn't going to hide in her room and is actually trying to figure away to defeat The Furies. The writing is superb, Elizabeth Miles knows how to keep you anticipating and guessing what happens next and you're usually wrong. Which is something I pleasantly take. This novel is told from two POVs, Emily, like in Fury, and also Skyler, a new girl in town, however she is even more clueless than Emily was in Fury, but what's different with Skyler is that she is desperate for attention, to be liked, and to be popular, the three things that would turn off any female protagonist for me.

The main reason I liked Envy much more than Fury is the fact that we do not delve into the tiny details of the surroundings of our characters every time. You don't see paragraphs of descriptions about the color of snow or how cold the winter is. That was my main issue in Fury and I'm glad I didn't see that in Envy. Also, we actually get some progress in Envy. We find out more about The Furies and their history, as well as hope that there might be a way to get rid of them. All of this is with the help of Emily's newfound friend Drea. Also, there is Crow, a new guy that I actually really like. I wasn't that fond of the romance in Fury and how it suddenly started and then ended within 20 pages, so Crow was a pleasant distraction for Emily and I hope Elizabeth Miles keeps him in the story.

Envy, while not as creepy as Fury, still had its fair share of creeped out worthy scenes, especially the ones with The Furies. Throughout the novel you also get to witness the normal everyday life of the characters in the book, so this novel doesn't just center around the mythology, you get a glimpse of what could have been if The Furies never showed up and I liked that The Furies and talk of them didn't occupy 100% of the novel. I really enjoyed Envy and the ending Elizabeth Miles wrote was mouth gapingly shocking. She's not an author scared to take the extreme and I salute her for that. I honestly don't know what's in store for her third and last installment but I'm going to be one of the first waiting for a copy to get to me so I can finally figure out how to get rid of these darn Furies! If that is possible...