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Manipulation - Jolene Perry Manipulation is the second installment of the Shadows trilogy. Manipulation introduces two new main characters, different from the first two in Insight. While I enjoyed Insight, I can't say that I loved it. The two main character's romance progressed way too fast and the progression of the plot felt unrealistic to me. However, for Manipulation, I have to say it was as if Perry heard my complaints of Insight (even though I never voiced them anywhere) and then created Manipulation. I adored Addison and Dean and found them to be so likable. Addison is the rich girl while Dean is the foster kid. They meet during this mandatory class issued by the court (each got into their own kind of trouble) and that was when the story started. What makes Manipulation a paranormal novel is that both Dean and Addison can manipulate people through implanting thoughts in their heads. Imagine the things I could get away with if I had this power? *daydreams*... ok back to the novel.

The progression of the plot was slow, especially the romance, something that I found rather satisfying. Addison battles with whether she should let Dean in to her life and heart or not since she just recently got burned by a guy, while Dean just doesn't think their lifestyles is something they might be able to get past.. realistic problems right? but then we also have the shadows they seem to be seeing wherever they go. Also, Addison's dad seems to be involved in all these shadow and power business and also in a dangerous society that targets people like Dean and Addison. I found that to be so creepy, especially that he is her dad and lives under the same roof. I also liked how the main characters in Insight (book 1) show up at the end of the book and, to put it in one way, join forces together to find out the history and source of their powers.

I really can't wait for the third book and find out what the shadows are, as well as ease my heart because of the cliffhanger at the end of this book. While I love all of Jolene Perry's contemporary novels, her paranormal ones are just as good!