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7 Clues to Winning You - Kristin Walker Before I started reading 7 Clues to Winning You, I really wanted to pick up a cute contemporary and when I searched for many of the newly released YA contemporaries, this novel popped up from the whole bunch. I am glad to say that 7 Clues to Winning You filled up my craving. I totally adored this novel and I loved the plot, the writing, and the ending!

The story starts with Blythe's life turning upside down. Her dad, in hopes of getting a raise and the position of superintended, moves his family, including Blythe, to a different town and a new school. To the school he is the principal of. The school that took a photo of her picking her nose in her own house because the Senior Scramble required all juniors to take a photo of their principal in 'his natural habitat'. So imagine being labeled the booger girl and the moment you step in school, it is all everyone knows you as. Which is why Blythe succeeds in stopping this year's Senior Scramble and ends up getting hated on by everyone at school. Enter Luke, the guy who had an e-newspaper where Blythe's photo was published and he's a senior. When Blythe realizes the mistake she made by canceling the Senior Scramble she asks Luke to help her create an underground Senior Scramble. And here is when the fun starts!

I loved Blythe, while sometimes her logic escaped her, she was a pretty likable character! She wasn't a snob in terms of being on a 'different tax quota' from the students at Ash Groove (her new school). She never really flaunted her money even though we know she's loaded. As for Luke, he was a very crush worthy character! I totally understood what Blythe saw in him. A hot geek? who is immune to THAT? Plus their interactions were sweet and adorable. I enjoyed that both of them were in the top 2% of their school, did volunteer work, and were such goody two shoes, but when an act of rebellion presents itself, they are not afraid to take the risk and do it!
I also loved Kristin's writing. I really enjoyed the protagonist's voice and just the overall feel of the story. Nothing dragged too much, the secondary characters' (Cy and Jenna) conversations were such laugh out loud ones. Also, the nursing home Blythe volunteered in was also a window to more humor for the book, and the ending was pretty awesome! I really enjoyed 7 Clues to Winning You and would recommend it to all contemporary lovers or anyone in need of a cute story and a good laugh!