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Death and the Girl Next Door - Darynda Jones Death and the Girl Next Door had a promising synopsis and I had high hopes for this novel, however I was mildly disappointed. From the first page I felt this novel was lacking in maturity, whether in characters or plot. The characters were a bit childish and two dimentional while the plot felt a bit slow and then very rushed and confusing in the middle and the end.

Characters: I personally could not connect or even much care for any of the characters in this novel. The main protagonist Lorelei was forgettable, I honestly don't remember much about her and I've only read this novel a couple of days ago. She was smitten at first sight by Jared and I just didn't comprehend how they have surpassed their confessions of love and went straight into angst over how they can ever be together and if their love is strong enough to go through it all. I did however enjoy Cameron, he was funny, and while he did feel a bit of a boy with the way he picks fights left and right, he was at least better than the brooding Jared. Don't get me wrong, I love brooding bad boys but Jared just couldn't pull it off. Plot: oh boy, I really didn't like how the author randomly jumped into action when one second they were sitting down chilling and the next windows are breaking and blood is being splattered. Then the next second the two main characters are kissing each other while everything else broke loose. I just felt I couldn't really follow the action and I just felt it was a bit absurd with the way the plot developed.

While I had a ton of issues with this novel, I did enjoy it and never thought about stopping the novel. I just hoped that the plot was complex enough but didn't leave us wondering on the intentions of all the characters and I just hoped the characters and romance were better developed. All in all, I know many people who have enjoyed this novel and if you are a paranormal fan, then you should check this one out!