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The Friday Society - Adrienne Kress Finally! A Steampunk novel that I actually enjoyed reading! I remember putting a status on goodreads that read that I have given up on steampunk novels for good because I've had multiple failed attempts with very popular and highly rated steampunks. I am so happy that I picked up The Friday Society because it was kick butt and so freaking empowering! Of course, the team work between three unlikely different girls to solve a london mystery was a bonus, and the addition of all the technology in medieval london has finally worked for me. I think what made The Friday Society a great read for me was the characters, which is why they will be the highlight of this review.

The novel is told from three POVs, Cora the scientist, Nellie the magician, and Michiko the samurai. All of these three girls are assistants but want more from their life. Cora and Nellie are happy under fair and great bosses but Michiko's boss needed a punch or two in the face because of how rude and horrible he was. The three girls meet up under horrific conditions, which is witnessing a crime scene. I have to say, Adrienne didn't rush the whole teaming up and fighting crimes plot. I often find it difficult to take some novels seriously when an ordinary girl would have something happen to her one minute and the next she figures out her destiny and true calling and is so confident in what she will do for the rest of her life. For The Friday Society, each girl had her doubt in pursuing investigating the mystery, one was scared of her boss finding out, the other was scared for the reputation for her boss, and the third was honestly fearless and wanted to finally do something by herself without being bossed around. Each had very plausible and complex reasons that added to their depth as characters.

The conversations between the girls was hilarious, Nellie is the girly girl type and Cora is more serious and a natural leader, while Michiko could barely speak english. So imagine how they communicated together huh? I loved every single one of these girls. They were interesting, funny, independent, and a need for girlfriends to hang with. As for the plot, it was incredible. Adrienne Kress didn't only focus on the mysterious deaths, but each girl had her own side story. Wether it was a romantic one, in the case of Nellie and Cora, or a teacher-pupil one for Michiko. I did feel at times that the plot moved a bit slow but I was never bored. I loved how the girls stayed true to themselves even with the obstacles they faced and that they didn't become super women just because they took up the mission of unraveling the mystery. They were ordinary (as ordinary as can be) girls who needed each other's help to get each other through locked places, Nellie's profession, out of near death situations, and help each other realize that their true calling isn't to just be an assistant of some man, but to take matters in their own hands and help the people of london fight crime and bring justice to them.